Federal Grants for Students in American Universities

Federal Grants for Students in American Universities

Article by Robin Brain

In recent times, the horizon of education has grown by leaps and bounds; there are several new courses designed in different niches that provide specialized knowledge in that particular field. While the scope for education has widened, the cost of education has also increased. Research suggests that more than 13% of the American students living below the poverty line find it extremely difficult to fund their education.

A large number of American students are denied an opportunity to get world-class education at top-notch American Universities. This is where the Federal government plays a crucial role, the government provides educational grants. The main objective of these grants is to provide equal educational opportunities for all students who find it difficult to pay the high course fees.

Unlike loans or scholarships, Federal grants are no-strings attached money given to students who need financial assistance to pursue further education. The students receiving Federal educational grants need to worry about repaying the money; they are gift money provided by the government. Also, unlike scholarships Federal educational grant are provided to all the needy irrespective of their past educational grades, i.e. they are not merit based, they are simply need based.

The Pell Grant, since its inception in 1972 has been a corner stone for educational funding to low-income families. As per the Pell Grant rules, the amount is given based on the financial information furnished by the students at the beginning of the year. The grant pays for the entire tuition fees of the course, buying books and living expenses.

Students qualifying for Pell Grant are also eligible for getting the National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent Grant (SMART) and the Federal Academic Competitiveness Grant (AC). The AC grant is specially initiated for undergraduates and sophomores students with excellent academic records and a good history of social activities. The SMART grant provides about 00 to all junior and senior students pursuing Post graduation or under graduation courses in Math, computer science, engineering or any other science degrees.

Thus, if you looking for an admission to top Universities in US, you need not hold back due to lack of funds, you can avail the Federal Grant and excel in your studies and build a bright career.

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Formalities for Student Visa USA are Pertinently Different to Students Visa UK

Formalities for Student Visa USA are Pertinently Different to Students Visa UK

Article by Rajnish Mehan

The excitement of studying in foreign universities and then the prospects of future prosperity is enough to entangle the brain in dreams for which the students should be careful to not forget about a proper visa application. With the visa in the right form, students would be able to travel to the country of their education and stay there without any hassles and even work for earning some extra money.

Different countries have different visa rules and policies and therefore it is important on part of the students to be thoroughly aware of the visa rules for their country of education. For getting the student visa UK, students need to apply for the tier 4 visa which lets them for 15 hrs of study or full time study. For studying for undergraduate degrees the visa is allowed for 3 years while for the post graduate university degrees it is for a period of 4 years. This visa allows the students to work part time and even full time but during the vacations.

At the end of the study period, students can switch to the tier 1 or tier 2 visa and work full time in some organization. To apply for the student visa UK, students need the application form, duly filled in with valid passport and original documents. To go to United Kingdom, students need to put in a biometric data after which an identity card is issued. After receiving a confirmation of acceptance for studies from the institution, the payment of the visa application fee has to be done and the students are ready to relocate to their respective universities.

In case of the student visa USA, 18 hrs of weekly classes makes the students eligible for a visa. But first, the institution which is going to accept the student has to send a SEVIS document and then the students have to filling in the I-20 or D-2019 form to go for the interview in the nearest consulate. After passing through a personal interview round, with the DS-157 form, along with the passport, the students are allowed to get the visas cleared.

Some countries like Canada might require students to declare their assets as a confirmation of the money they have to cover their stay during the studentship days. For getting the student visa USA, a health care policy might also be required which is also applicable for getting through the student visa Canada paraphernalia.

To pass out successfully through these stringent procedures, students should keep all the documents in original updated and maintain a fresh passport as most of the countries require a passport with 6 months of validity left. The issuing of student visa UK and other countries are governed by a set of rules and being convergent with these rules, help the students for their further studies. Taking these matters with seriousness is something that the students should keep in mind and make sure that they are ready with everything to help a smooth entry into the universities in which they have been selected.

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